Get to know Ben


Ben Bius is an independent businessman with deep roots in Texas. He is descended from a long line of Texas farmers, ranchers, and merchants. He and his family have been brought up on the Texas traditions of faith, hard work and dedication to family. Right after college Ben founded
a successful real estate investment and development business in Huntsville, Texas over 40 years ago.

Ben recognizes that “to whom much is given, much is expected.” Ben believes we must be constantly vigilant, and it is our duty to stand and serve when called. Ben pledges that he will follow the Word and Constitution and not compromise with evil for the sake of expediency.

Ben graduated from Sam Houston State University, majoring in Finance in 1979. His business is recognized as a major contributor in quality economic development in his hometown. Ben has been a leader in conservative Texas politics supporting candidates like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and many others over his lifetime. Ben is not seeking a job, pension or to advance a political career. Rather, he looks forward to serving the Great and Sovereign State of Texas and this beautiful district.

Image by Avi Werde

Conservative Christian Leader
Family Man
Deep Texas Roots
Successful Businessman
Community Leader
SHSU Graduate