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On the Issues


Fiscal Conservatism

You work hard for your money, and you deserve to know that your tax dollars are spent wisely. As your Representative, I will work to eliminate unnecessary and excessive spending, promote economic growth and job creation, and lower property taxes. 

As a businessman, I understand what it takes to run an operation that is effective and fiscally successful. I will work toward fiscally responsible budgeting in Texas- never spending more than we take in, and always ensuring the highest quality for Texas with the lowest possible cost to Texas taxpayers. 



In the past year, we've seen an unprecedented attack on our schools. Through Critical Race Theory and other progressive ideas, liberals have attempted to indoctrinate our children and take control of our classrooms. I believe politics has no place in our schools, and will fight against Critical Race Theory and other liberal efforts to teach our children what to think instead of how to think.

I will always vote for more local control for our schools, and will fight to ensure our teachers have the support and resources they need to provide our kids with a quality education. I will work to eliminate waste and bureaucratic red tape, ensuring your tax dollars actually make it into the classroom.


Protecting Life

I believe all life is precious and created in the image of God. I will never stop fighting until every life- from conception until death- is valued and legally protected. 


Public Safety

I am proud to back the blue. I will fight to ensure our brave first responders have the support, resources, and training they need to keep our communities safe.


The 2nd Amendment

I believe in the U.S. Constitution and will always vote to preserve and protect the rights and liberties enumerated within it. I will always vote to protect our right to keep and bear arms. I believe the right to defend yourself, your family, and your property is fundamental to maintaining a society that is truly free. 


Border Security

For the safety of Texas and America, we must swiftly secure our borders. I will support efforts to build a border fence, increase our law enforcement presence on the border, and improve and increase technology along the border.  Washington's unwillingness or inability to effectively secure our borders has left Texans vulnerable. I will work to ensure Texas takes the lead in securing our borders and keeping our communities safe.


Election Integrity

I will help preserve the integrity of our ballot box by working to weed out voter fraud and ballot harvesting in Texas. I will support efforts to promote election integrity, so you can be confident every legal vote in Texas is counted.

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